terça-feira, 7 de outubro de 2008

EIAT 2008, Novi Sad-Serbia

"Education and Industry Advancing Together" was the subject of the conference organized by Milan Culi (MA), in Novi Sad, Serbia, that I had the pleasure to attend and in which I learned and revised tourism concepts. Having the participation of academics from different countries, and with our well known professor Robert Maitland and professor Rob Davidson(University of Westminster), the main idea was to bring together different stakeholders in the industry.
Milan: congratulations for this event, organized with great professionalism! It was an honour for me to participate and meet so many interesting academics. Also, Novi Sad is a very pleasant city. The food is wonderful and people are extremely kind. Thank you once again :)!

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  1. Bonitas fotos da Sérvia. Realmente aqui na Europa e o pessoal não é de ir visitar os chamados países de leste. E também há coisas bonitas na certa.