segunda-feira, 10 de setembro de 2012


'Ma, Ma', - suddendly there was a shout at the door downstairs. A Sister came to tell Mother Teresa that it was a beggar, insisting that she came down. He said he must speak only to Mother Teresa. She went down. I followed her. The beggar had not come for food or alms. Instead he had come to make her a gift of his day's earnings. There were a few coins in a metal bowl, perhaps a rupee or two at most. For a moment, Mother Teresa seemed undecided. If she took it, he would go without food that night. If she refused, she would have hurt his feelings. She decided to accept. He kissed her hand with joy. When we returned to the bench, she looked at me and said, 'He gave me everything he had. He probably won't eat tonight. I value this gift much more than I value the Nobel Prize and all the other awards that I have received.'...

Mother Teresa, Navin Chawla

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